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Hi, I am Ivan, you can call me, Nyr, Nyrum ...
Nyrumx ... actually i speak spanish and i dont have thought of how it sounds in english :D

Im from Guatemala,
I love to draw, listen music, sometimes i like to play guitar.
I own three characters: Abidjally, Liahra and Shylna,
oh and Ham, that little criature :3
love to draw canines, Most females ...
thats the reason why you wont find drawings of my fursona xl

Well heres my profile, hope you like my "art" c:

Paint Tool Sai User by iPPG Gimp User Stamp by Darkwizkid

Nyrumx and Yue

Me and my girlfriend :/3
Art by ~SunSketch

Holly llama!

Llamas are awesome! Llama jump by Droneguard Give a Llama, Get a Llama by mushir

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YCH Hallowen Bruja by Nyrumx
Hallowen theme :3 i really like how she looks but the outcome will be totally diferent, was a Ych, so you will see another character on it, hope you like c:


I had never realized this, because it is not what I'm looking at deviant art, I dont usually go to the main page, as I did today, what was my surprise to see that on the main page had some pictures, nothing atistic... simple pictures

A girl with huge boobs, why that picture was there?.. the reason is almost obvius but... that caught my attention and I went to see the comments in the picture, the first thing I saw was a few comments from people who were angry to see a picture like that was on the front page, but also had many people who really loved that image.

Biggest surprise when I saw that the image had more than 100,000 views!!.... Deviantart kindly said. do you want to see more like this? so i checked other photos, and was the same!, pictures of girls with huge boobs, many of them obviously edited, obiously!....I mean, HUGE .... HUGE breasts! ... ok, that's not nice to me, I know, to many people it is, but my point is ...

How are that images at the top, with a terrible resolution, edited as if 5 years old child did it, and it have thousands and thounsands of views, this is what people want to see?
and gives me more courage to see many talented artists often do not reciven or twentieth of attention.
and i wont talk about the thousands of "artistic nudes" that have absolutely nothing artisic. Some say there is a fine line between artistic and pornographic, but sometimes is abysmal, and people do not mind, come on deviantart, what is happening? 

I do not want to offend anyone, it is not my purpose. is just my opinion, what do you think?
As always, sorry for my bad english.

Aby and Ham 000 by Nyrumx
Aby dont be angry, it was an accident, besides... it's never enough ketchup, rigth? :3
Kael Otter by Nyrumx
Kael Otter
Comission for Deprivedfish on soFurry c:
uff.... ive been really inactive o-o
time to work!!


I finally get my mirror cube After 40 days of waiting.
Really came in 20 days, from China!
but in post office, they never notified me that my package had arrived and much less deliver. but ...

I am really pleased with the quality of this cube! It is a Sheng Shou 3x3 Mirror

A few weeks ago I found a youtube channel of a guy arming cubes (i dont know how to say it in english.. is solve?) and I could not resist, and buy a cube (here where i live), cheap, very cheap, and not only in the price.
Look what happened two days after purchase

Yes a terrible cube... 
days after my girlfriend bought one, one a bit more expensive, better quality, she wanted to learn how to solve it, and gave it to me a few days cus mine was broken, and then look what happened to it ...

I dont "rebuilt" it cus it had a broken piece, seemed to be better, but also was of poor quality, by that time I had ordered the ShengShou mirror cube, now that It come, ill buy a classic 3x3 and 4x4, later I hope to buy 3x3x1 2x2 ... one other cubes :'D

And if you wonder how it works, well is the same that the 3x3 but in this is not about colors, is about the shape :D

do you like? :3
If you are interested on it, you can buy it HERE for $3.87 !! And free shipping to any place of the world c:



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Birthday coming up yay KimRaiFan's Bday Cake fella's Gobbler (Party) 
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You do some really cool things, man! Keep up with the good work Yui Funami (Good Job) [V3] 
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